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IBS vision for research is reflective in the IBS vision and mission.

The research environment at IBS is very important to us and we will extensively invest in new research centers and technologies which will keeps us at the vanguard of ground-breaking Management, Technological and Scientific solutions.

IBS research will cover technological gaps, Technical Progression, Societal Improvements, Management and Economic Developments and Policy growth. IBS will closely work with industry to positively contribute in the Innovations, Business, Social and Management development of the Pakistan.

IBS has a very strong desire to construct knowledge with active and diverse research agenda which will benefit Pakistan. Our research will be practical based on real time solutions for real life problems affecting society both in present and in the future.

The research at IBS will be funded through a range of methods, including IBS research Scholarships, Industry collaborations, aid organizations and Business partnerships. The key of IBS approach is to connect and work jointly with other Industries, Institutions and organizations around the world in order to make a noteworthy input to societies’ needs and to national policy framework.

IBS Research at a Glance

  • Highly Qualified local and foreign faculty Members
The Research Enterprise
  • 5 externally sponsored projects
  • About 10 international post doctoral research associates
  • 3 Independent research Labs
  • State of the Art modern Library equipped with latest volumes and online resources.