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Outcome Based Education

IBS values it role as a teaching and learning institution, and our mission statement emphasizes the importance of the delivering an effective and efficient learning environment. IBS’s curriculum is structured around knowledge, skills, and abilities (collectively called learning outcomes) that students should attain as a result of their involvement in an educational activity.

The outcome based approach reflects the philosophy of making learning more meaningful and effective for both students and faculty. Making education more meaningful for students requires that they gain a view that education can enable them to enrich their lives by learning. This is in contrast to the viewpoint that education is a task primarily done to satisfy the demands of others, such as faculty or the institution.

By developing educational experiences based on what students should be able to do with their knowledge, learning objectives help faculty, staff and students understand the raison de hereof the educational activity, be it a program or course.

The Outcome based Education (OBE) is an integral part of education philosophy in the West especially in United States of America. The movement toward outcomes based education has changed the way Universities think about curriculum and teaching. Education either focuses on teaching small, discrete skills which can be “mastered” or teaching abstract concepts without connecting or integrating them with how students actually use or apply those concepts in daily life. It is said that any University actually has three curriculum:

  • The declared curriculum – what they have in the catalogue
  • The taught curriculum – what is actually presented to students
  • The learned curriculum – what students actually learn