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With the top class faculty and with academic excellence as only objective, Islamabad Business School (IBS) is a place where students will achieve their academic and professional goals.


At the IBS, students will enjoy an excellent education, delivered by academics with an extraordinary passion for their subject, focused on cutting-edge research and supported by a range of great resources. At the IBS we will make learning more effective for students by providing them with dynamic and interactive environment where students are actively involved in the subject matter.

The active participation of students in the interactive educational process improves the learning efficacy of students. IBS have adopted and then adapted the following strategies in teaching and learning:

  • Interactive group discussions
  • Engagement of students in real life problems
  • Effective use of case studies
  • Solution oriented learning
  • Process focused learning, where students are focused on the process to find a solution rather than just aiming at the end result, which ultimately enhances their learning experience.

Teaching Methods at IBS possess the following characteristics

  • Reasoning
  • Interactive
  • Argumentative
  • Reflective

The distinguish strengths of our academics are:

  • The ability to teach diverse and multidisciplinary subject
  • Adaptability of various teaching methodologies to suite different needs
  • Up-to-date research to support continuous improvement in teaching methodologies

We truly understand the challenges of 21st century career paths in Management therefore all our courses are designed to provide you the skills that will help you thrive in your sector.