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Academic Programs

Islamabad Business School (IBS) is highly conscious of the quality of education and the training it will impart on the students. As a result IBS has set three focal points which are enshrined in its ethos.

The first pivotal point is to provide a diverse range of business education programs, which will be tailored for the genuine need of our country’s economy. Therefore, along with the traditional Business Administration Programs at undergraduate and graduate level, IBS will offer programs in fast growing and modern disciplines such as Engineering Management and Supply Chain Management.

The second focal point is human resource development of the industry, public sector organizations and community at large. This will be achieved by conducting training programs, seminars and workshops in addition to running the academic programs.

The third focal point is the IBS’s endeavors in research. IBS is deeply conscious of the fact that research and development play an important role in transforming the economic condition of the country. IBS plans to invest in facilities, technology and faculty development to promote research in meaningful and purposeful areas.

IBS designed its academic program in accordance with the HEC’s stipulated Semester credit hour requirement and skill development goals. Islamabad Business School will follow the Semester System as prescribed by the HEC. Each academic year will comprise of two regular semesters namely – Fall and spring semester, and Summer semester. Each Semester will have 16 teaching weeks while Summer semester will comprise of eight (08) weeks duration and usually reserved for internship and business projects.

IBS is offering the following Programs in affiliation with Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.